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Rethinking ‘force of habit’

Here and Now

13 June 2022


The Editorial Process

The Clean Copy

17 May 2022

The 2021 CIEP Conference: A Surprising Journey


19 November 2021

Learning a New Skill: Ukulele

Here and Now

22 September 2020

Teacher Trainee Feature: Dayita

Here and Now

6 September 2019

Editing ABCs

The Clean Copy

29 May 2019

Does Passive Voice Lack Precision?

The Clean Copy

4 January 2019 

As a dancer...


20 May 2017

To Hunt or be Hunted: (W)Rite into a Legacy

The Time, The Times: A Dual Perspective

Review: Ronita Mookerjee’s Who?

Where Does Movement Come From?

Show Us Some Moves: Small and Silly Dances 1

Show Us Some Moves: Small and Silly Dances 2


February 2017


Between Experience and Choreography

Peeking Through Barriers


October 2016

Exploring movement through an evolving lens

The Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet

24 September 2016