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Illustration © Joshua Sailo

Themes of group classes and workshops

- Introduction to the Alexander Technique

- Poise and posture

- Breathing

- Managing period pain

- Performance (for example, dance, sports, public speaking, or music)


What happens in a group class?

Depending on the theme of the class or workshop, you will be guided through a variety of simple activities. There might be solo, partner, or group games. Although hands-on work doesn't feature as much as in private lessons, discussion is a vital part of group classes.

What do I wear to a class?

Anything that does not constrict movement and you are comfortable lying down in.

Should I bring anything with me to a class?

Just yourself. If you would like to, you may also consider bringing water, a journal and pen to take notes, and a yoga mat.

Do I need to avoid eating before or after a class?

No, there are no restrictions. The Alexander Technique can be practised at any time.

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