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Illustration © Joshua Sailo

What happens in a private lesson?

Each hands-on lesson is unique, catering to your individual needs. A typical lesson might involve daily actions such as sitting, standing, walking, bending, and lying down. If you have experience with the technique, lessons may include more specialised activities; for example, playing a musical instrument. The primary aim is for you to pick up practical tools you can use to work on yourself. 

What is hands-on work?

Hands-on work involves gentle contact and guidance from a qualified Alexander Technique teacher when you are in various balanced arrangements. It is used to help you observe and prevent unnecessary and harmful patterns of tension and compression in your being.


How long does a one-on-one lesson last?

45 minutes.

How many lessons should I sign up for?

You would benefit most from a course of at least five lessons if you are new to the technique. The work is slow, deep, and long-lasting, so the more lessons you sign up for, the more you will understand and gain.

What frequency of lessons is ideal?

If you are new to the technique, daily lessons are an excellent idea, if possible. However, the frequency of lessons is largely based on your availability and interest.

Can I take lessons online?

Yes, but only if you have previously had hands-on lessons from a qualified Alexander Technique teacher. Hands-on contact is the most effective way to learn how to work on yourself.


Are one-on-one lessons recommended for children and teenagers?

Yes, but only as long as their parents/guardians take lessons as well. The Alexander Technique can help children and teenagers boost their confidence and improve their posture; having their parents/guardians as role models facilitates this learning process.

What do I wear to a lesson?

Anything that does not constrict movement and you are comfortable lying down in.

Should I bring anything with me to a lesson?

Just yourself. If you would like to, you may also consider bringing water, a journal and pen to take notes, and a yoga mat.

Do I need to avoid eating before or after a lesson?

No, there are no restrictions. The Alexander Technique can be practised at any time.

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