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Long time no see (2017)

We began with a city. Then, we swallowed it. Wandering the remains, our bodies became scaffolding to rebuild a city of our own. Peculiar. Blueprinted. Severe and intimate. 


This dance emerged from a game of puzzles and blocks, flesh and skyline – a continual return to the precise wilderness of form and structure. It’s a fuzzy calculation of many derivatives – your body, my metropolis. 


Long time no see premiered on 15 December 2017 as part of Citations: Three Dances at Shoonya – Centre for Art and Somatic Practices. It has since been performed at Meeraqi (Bangalore) and The Village Studio and Gallery Gitanjali (Goa). 

Choreography and performance: Dayita Nereyeth and Poorna Swami

Original sound composition: Dara Hankins

Original text: Poorna Swami

Lighting design: Bharavi


25 minutes, runway

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