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Nothing happens until something moves. (2019)

Life progresses as a series of reactions and changes in energy. Humans are perpetually in a state of kinetic energy; on the microscopic scale, charges equalise to activate ion channels and transport hormones and molecules, such as oxygen and glucose. Neurons constantly fire in the brain, playing a role in voluntary and involuntary behaviour. Muscles circulate blood and move the skeleton. Physical forces such as friction and gravity affect the efficiency of the system. These external forces determine the degree of movement of a body, both on the microscopic and macroscopic scale; but what about the internal forces we cannot see? How can we reveal these invisibilities?


Choreography: Margaret Wiss

Performance: Dayita Nereyeth

Sound composition: It’s Just a Matter of Acceleration by Thomas Liao, Lilies in the Valley by Jun Miyake, Glades by Nicholas Williams, Tied Down  by Thom Hanreich, Helios by Fourteen Drawings, As Worldly Pleasures Wave Goodbye by Two Lone Swordsmen, musical collaboration/improvisation by Anna-Julia Plichta and Eileen O’Grady, and various found sound samples by Margaret Wiss


Dayita worked virtually with Margaret Wiss to restage this ensemble piece as a solo, which premiered in September 2019 as part of The Platform at Shoonya – Centre for Art and Somatic Practices in Bangalore. 


14 minutes, proscenium

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