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Rooted (2024, work-in-progress)


Rooted is an abstract dialogue between two unlikely companions – a plant and a dancer. The piece disentangles issues relevant to both beings: travelling or remaining local, pruning as aesthetic manipulation, and interconnection. This work moves through questions of agency, power, and balance. Are plant and dancer equal? Can they breathe together?

This work-in-progress was performed at Science Gallery, as part of the Critical Zones exhibition, supported by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore, and at Bangalore International Centre, as part of the Prakriti Excellence in Contemporary Dance Awards 2024 (pre-finals and finals).

Choreography: Dayita Nereyeth
Performance: Dayita Nereyeth and Mandrake
Sound: Abhaydev Praful
Light: Bharavi
Shadow: Joshua Sailo

10 minutes, proscenium

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