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Pants Becoming Kites (2017)


Pants Becoming Kites explores the dynamics of waiting and performing. Inspired by the daily commute to work, the movement highlights pedestrian qualities in our daily moments of transit. How can we be inspired by the ordinary?


The piece was originally conceived as a duet for a student production at Amherst College (USA) in 2014. Since then, iterations of Pants Becoming Kites have been performed in Mount Holyoke College (USA), Bangalore (as part of The Shoonya Ticket, The Platform, Citations: Three Dances, and at Meeraqi), Goa (The Village Studio and Gallery Gitanjali), Plymouth (Plymouth State University Gala 2018), Providence (AS220 Modern Movement Festival), and NYC (New Work Series at the TADA! Theater).


Choreography: Ellen Oliver in collaboration with Dayita Nereyeth

Performance: Dayita Nereyeth

Original sound composition: Dylan Eldredge Fitzwater (feat. Austin Retzlaff and Maya Sungold)


8 minutes, proscenium                   

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