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still/moving (2021)

Inspired by Merce Cunningham’s 50 Looks, still/moving explores the stillness–movement spectrum through a series of sculptures. The work displaces the livingroomness of pandemic dance and invites the viewer to consider the three-dimensionality of space and self. 

Following the practices of John Cage and Merce Cunningham, the visual and audio elements of the work were created and recorded independently of one another, and chance procedures (using the I Ching and a deck of playing cards) informed initial choreographic choices.

still/moving has been screened at Weltkunstzimmer and POOL – Movement Art Film Festival Berlin. A live version of still/moving has been performed at Pagal Canvas Backyard.

Choreography and filming: Ainesh Madan
Performance: Dayita Nereyeth
Sound: Mario Schenker
Guest performance: Lola, Lucy, and Sheeba

Special thanks to Maureen Gonsalves and the humans and animals of Kumaran Estate, Coorg.

7 minutes, digital

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