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The Dance Song (2020)

‘Lately I looked into your eyes, oh Life, and I seemed to sink into the unfathomable...’


Inspired by Nietzsche’s writing from the seminal work, ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’, The Dance Song delves into a prophet’s interpretation of Life and Wisdom as two, uncannily similar, women. The work abstracts, through movement, the humorous, melancholic song delivered by the protagonist of the text. Originally made for the stage, the work has been adapted for this experimental film.

The Dance Song premiered online on 28 November 2020 as part of Solitude and Spaarkk 2020. Since then it has been screened at room83spring’s out of place: dance in the pandemic, D.R.I.F.T (Dharamshala Residential and International Festival for Theatre), New Creation Dance Studio in Auroville, and Basement 21’s March Dance.

review of March Dance 2022.


Choreography: Ainesh Madan, supported by Dayita Nereyeth

Performance: Dayita Nereyeth

Film: Ainesh Madan and Dayita Nereyeth

Sound composition: Ainesh Madan

Support: Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore and Media Art Design House


12 minutes, digital

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