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Solitude (2020)

Solitude is an evening of contemporary dance solos. The dances, each dealing with solitary explorations of life, death, experience, and joy, are united by their approach to form and abstraction. This mixed bill is a means to accessing the solo form through contemporary dance. With both recorded performances and films, this show is a reflection of life as we currently know it, where boundaries between the physical and digital are blurring.


Solitude features The Length of a Sneeze by Anishaa Tavag, Phantasies (excerpts) by Ainesh Madan, For the Time Being by Joshua Sailo, and The Dance Song by Dayita Nereyeth and Ainesh Madan.


The show premiered online on 28 November 2020 as part of Spaarkk 2020. 


43 minutes, digital

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